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Barn Beams

Barn Beams

Reclaimed Barn Beams
New White Oak Beams

Barn Beams are unique, hand-cut and shaped using traditional methods, making them an ideal design element. Crafted from very old barns, each beam exudes historic charm, creating a beautiful addition to any space. Expertly crafted and completely one-of-a-kind, these beams are a timeless and versatile choice.

Most will be somewhat square but rarely perfect as each barn beam is unique. Hand hewn beams which were shaped by hand using tools of the day can be up to 200 years old. These beams will have visible ax and adze marks along the lengths of the beams. Sawn beams will usually be more uniform and will feature distinctive arcing saw marks from the mill when they were cut into beams. Beams come in a variety of sizes from 6"x 6" to 12"x 12" and sometimes even larger.  Lengths can be from about 8' to over 50'. The longer the beam the rarer it is. If you have a project requiring beams we can help. Please complete the Contact form to get started.Beams are not intended for structural support, they are old and have been exposed to various forces over time therefore structural integrity may not be up to standards. Please consult a qualified builder/engineer.

sold by volume(starting at $11 per board feet)

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Hand Hewn Beams

Reclaimed wood beams hand cut and shaped decades ago make a bold statement in any room.

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