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Barn Siding - Wall/Ceiling Cover

Barn Siding - Wall/Ceiling Cover


Expertly weathered by nature, Barn Siding is a versatile wall and ceiling cover with a variety of colors and textures. Whether used for accent walls or covering large areas, its warm and welcoming charm adds character to any space. Harvested from old barns, it provides a unique and sustainable option for your home or commercial space.

Barn siding has many uses but is commonly used to cover large areas(walls,ceilings/beam wraps). Typically about 3/4" in thickness. Widths can be between 6"-12" with lengths from about 3 feet to 12 feet and sometimes up to 16 feet long. All barn siding will be varied shades of brown on one side and the other side is typically gray, faded red, super faded red, red or white. There is always variability even on the same "color" of barn. Different sides will weather/age differently so it will be normal to have variation from piece to piece and even on the same piece. The farmed white oak and pine is newer material that is grayed by weathering, available in circle sawn or ban sawn. Inquire about availability.

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