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Reclaimed Dimensional Barn Lumber

Reclaimed Dimensional Barn Lumber

Dimension reclaimed lumber varies in in size but typically about 1.5 to 2 inches in thickness, 4 to 12 inches wide and lengths from 3 to over 10 foot. Some of this material will be old barn flooring (thresher) which often has a lot of character from years of wear. This material is great for a variety of applications i.e. table and bar tops, shelving, accent walls and even flooring as it was originally used. Other parts of the barn also used dimensional lumber but the older growth circle sawn material is just as beautiful even when not as visibly worn by use and time. Please inquire about dimensions and quantity available.

sold by volume($12 per board feet)

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Hand Hewn Beams

Reclaimed wood beams hand cut and shaped decades ago make a bold statement in any room.

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